About Us

We at Mriva Sports are committed to helping players of all levels find the right equipment be it racquets, strings or shoes, that best suits their game. We are passionate about tennis and strive to build the sport with players, coaches, clubs, academies and nonprofits alike. We offer everything online juggernauts do but with a personal touch.

We string and service for everyone from beginners, local club and league players to college teams and even visiting professional players.

Born in the Bay Area, Mriva Sports was founded by longtime Oakland/Berkeley resident, Deepak Sadhu. A self-confessed racquet & string-a-holic, Deepak loves to talk about beam widths on racquets, the effect of different coating on strings, felt fluffiness on tennis balls and the perfect shoe for your foot type. When not helping clients, you can find Deepak on the local courts hitting the fuzzy yellow ball. 


Deepak "Chief Racquet Tinkerer"
DB "Chief Ball Taster"
Demo night w/ Mriva Sports
Demo Day w/ Mriva Sports